Two survivors chair Go Red for Women Luncheon

Dr. Joy Lucas Hope Plavin On a Thursday evening in March 2015, Dr. Joy Lucas, owner of Upstate Animal Medical Center in Saratoga Springs, didn’t feel right. But she kept on about her business, working 12-hour days, taking her four-mile runs, and doing her intense workouts at the gym. The following Tuesday, after her chiropractor made [...]

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Update From Albany

Caitlin O'Brien, the Heart Association's government relations director, brings us an Update From Albany. With New York State finalizing the state budget this past weekend, the Heart Association scored some great public health wins. With the Governor threatening to cut millions of dollars in funding to crucial public health programs, AHA staff and advocates worked hard to make sure this [...]

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The New York State Budget: The Good, The Bad, and How You Can Help

  Caitlin O'Brien, New York State Government Relations Director Caitlin O’Brien, the government relations director for New York, brings us an update on the New York state budget, and how it affects the policies and programs we need to help all New Yorkers fight heart disease and stroke. The Assembly and Senate have proposed their one-house budget bills [...]

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Mission: Lifeline work earns Donald Led Duke Heart Hero award for two doctors

Dr. Edward Philbin Dr. Michael Dailey Getting the most appropriate care in the quickest manner to a patient suffering the most severe kind of heart attack, a STEMI, is the goal of the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline program. For the past two years, Edward Philbin III, MD, the George E. Pataki Chair of the Division [...]

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Retired Navy pilot to share his story at the Heart Ball

Because everything worked out right, Henna Hanrahan is still here, enjoying time with his family. Robert “Henna” Hanrahan had one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. He was a Navy pilot for 10 years, and stayed in the Reserves after leaving the Navy. He flew a helicopter for the New York state Department of Conservation, which [...]

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Three hospital leaders to co-chair 2018 Capital Region Heart Ball

Dr. Ferdinand Venditti, Jr., Albany Med Jay Cahalan, Columbia Memorial Health Angelo Calbone, Saratoga Hospital Heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 5 killers of all Americans. Yet, both diseases can be largely prevented, and every year, thanks to scientific advances brought about by research, treatment improves. To continue that good [...]

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Valentine’s Day Rally Urges Legislature To Maintain Public Health Programs

Caitlin O’Brien, center, at mic, New York state government relations director for the American Heart Association, speaks during the public health rally at the state Capitol on Wednesday, Feb. 14. The American Heart Association was one of 17 groups invested in public health that gathered to urge the state Legislature to reject the executive budget’s proposed consolidation and 20 [...]

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Caitlin O’Brien joins AHA as government relations director

 The American Heart Association is proud to announce that Caitlin O’Brien has joined its staff as the government relations director for New York. O’Brien will work with volunteers and advocates to enact legislation that will improve the cardiovascular health of all New Yorkers. O’Brien, 26, grew up in Vestal, Broome County. Caitlin’s father, James O’Brien, is a lawyer, and she [...]

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Ready for a BetterU? Apply today!

Lisa Wolcott and Chris Wilson of the Capital District YMCA demonstrate the plank - an exercise that BetterU participants come to love! For the past seven years, 10 to 12 women have come together for 12 weeks to improve their heart health. They’ve lowered their blood pressure, gone off insulin, come to love planks, lost inches and pounds, [...]

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Gov. Cuomo says health care isn’t just for the rich

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivers the 2018 State of the State in Albany. New York Gov. Cuomo hit the nail on the head when he said during today’s State of the State that health care isn’t just for the rich. “The American Heart Association is committed to making sure everyone receives quality health care, and we applaud [...]

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